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When we find ourselves engaging various ideas in Jewish philosophy and theology, we are often forced to question "Who advocated this idea?" or "Who rejected this idea?" or "What is the relationship between this idea and similar non-Jewish ideas?" And we soon discover that it is difficult to find non-superficial answers to such questions.

The purpose of this wiki is to help make these answers more accessible by organizing the ideas of Jewish philosophy and theology by idea, so that an interested reader can look up, say, "soul persists after death," and find — in one place — a self-contained and coherent presentation of the origins of the idea in Jewish thought, its advocates, its detractors, and references to parallels in non-Jewish thought.

This wiki is therefore intended to be an impartial source of information, neither promoting nor disparaging particular ideas. If there is one principle behind this wiki, it is that there are many legitimately Jewish ideas, that they are not all compatible with one another, and that they cannot be made so. The Jewish Ideas Wiki will simply try to present each individual idea with the best degree of fidelity, and will forgo any attempts for "tortured reconciliations" of evidently divergent ideas.

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