This page is all about the Jewish Ideas Wiki.


Many of us know which philosophical or theological ideas are considered "Jewish ideas". Among these we might count, for example, that there is one God, that the soul persists after death, that the wicked are punished for their misdeeds, that in the future there will be a genuine resurrection of the dead, etc. But often we are less clear about the origins of these important Jewish ideas and dozens of other like them. When asked "Who advocated this idea?" or "Who rejected this idea?" or "What is the relationship between this idea and similar non-Jewish ideas?" we are often at a loss.

A major problem is that this information is spread out over many different scholarly publications from many different eras, the majority of which are inaccessible to ordinary religious folks. The somewhat ambitious aim of this wiki will be to organize this information by idea, so that an interested reader can look up, say, "soul persists after death," and find — in one place — a self-contained and coherent presentation of the origins of the idea in Jewish thought, its advocates, its detractors, and references to parallels in non-Jewish thought.

It is hoped that this wiki will be of benefit both to those casually interested in the origins of particular Jewish idea, as well as to those actively working on research projects in the area (high school or college students). Each article will be in the nature of an encyclopedia entry, rather than a scholarly treatise. It is intended to be a completely impartial source of information, neither promoting nor disparaging particular ideas.

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